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Benefits of Pilates

Develops Core Strength

Pilates goes beyond just surface muscles and targets the deep muscles of the abdominals and lower back. Through Pilates the core gets stronger than with any other form of exercise. A strong core is the key ingredient to improved posture, balance, athletic performance and a healthy back.

Increases Flexibility

With Pilates, the spine gets more supple, circulation is improved and postural alignment is restored. All 3 are necessary in creating long, lean and flexible muscles.

Delivers A Flat Tummy and Toned Body

How you feel is very important. To feel stronger in the core, feel more flexible, feel less back pain and more are just part of the addiction. How you LOOK – cinched waistline, taller and leaner, defined arms, and glowing skin due to the breathing and circulation benefits of the Method are the main physical standouts acquired through Pilates.

Promotes Weight Loss

Pilates builds long, lean muscle. It’s that muscle building along with proper breathing that burn calories and regenerate tissue. Anxiety and stress are often reduced through a Pilates practice making way for healthier lifestyle choices and greater self-esteem.

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